Reversible turbine - hydroelectric power plant (handmade by Ostoja Rajić)

“My name is Ostoja Rajic a mechanical engineer and inventor. Founder of SAIN and the Union of Inventors of Serbia and the Diaspora "Tesla's Unity". Born on October 1, 1947, in Milosavci, near Laktasi, in the BiH/Republic of Srpska. I have over 300 innovative projects, and I want to curse innovative economic development and the employment of young people in Serbia on the knowledge of inventors from Serbia and the Diaspora. Owner of company "Innovations Ostoja D.O.O.," which deals with research and development. Currently producing flow water heaters, which allows me to invest in the further development of my patents. Have over 60 medals and diplomas. ”

Ostoja Rajić Mechanical engineer and inventor