Dear inventors, scientists and creators,

Scientific and technical culture is the basis of all cultures. Therefore, inventors in Serbia should network and join together in a single organization that will operate throughout the territory of our country. This organization would connect with our global diaspora, as is the case in many European countries, with the goal of innovative economic development and youth employment. To this end, we ask you to support this anti-crisis program of innovative economic development and the networking of inventors from Serbia and the diaspora.

The Union of Inventors of Serbia and the Diaspora ("Tesla Unity") proposes that we jointly draft effective patent laws in the Republic of Serbia and the acceptable EU, which will provide:

1. That the inventor receives funds for the production of a prototype of the reported invention within 90 days from the date of application and that it is transparent, in order to employ our citizens throughout Serbia, as well as returnees from the diaspora.

2. That the application is free of charge until the invention enters production.

3. That inventors in Serbia and the diaspora have the same rights as investors for subsidies in the employment of workers on their inventions because the inventor invests the most important thing, which is knowledge.

4. For the state to allocate funds from the budget for each working year because the increase in production creates new jobs, supports marriages, encourages birth growth, and requires a full budget from the state.

5. To start with, the rights of inventors are equal to the rights of athletes, singers, and musicians, and inventors acquire the rights to a national pension, as well as other deserving citizens who have contributed to the national prosperity of the state of Serbia.

6. That the memorandum of inventors be in the style of the signs of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Tesla, and the Globe, and that it be applied in all regional units throughout the territory of our country, and that diplomas, certificates of appreciation, and medals be designed in the same style.

7. To be a unique space for all inventors from Serbia and the diaspora with unique symbols, anywhere in the world, to exhibit at patent exhibitions and fairs

8. To establish an office for inventors at the ministerial level and to be exempt from corporate income tax for 5 years. In this way, the state would help inventions from the beginning of their production, because it is known that inventions develop before science until they are proven in practice. At the same time, the priority will be the introduction of patents in the Serbian economy, which will stimulate economic development and reduce the "brain drain" from our country.

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